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About Wildlife Conservation

Primary access to over 1,500 digital reproductions selected from the Bob Campbell Papers are online here (978 more images relating to Fossey and the Karisoke Research Center to be available this summer). Except for the small number of photos for which Campbell did not claim copyrights, all are available as open access under Creative Commons By NC ND license. Please contact SASC duplication services staff to request high resolution versions for publication under these terms, or to inquire about commercial use.

Browse online contents with "View Items" tab above, narrowing results with "facets" subject terms on the left side of results pages. Note that facets searches operate only on results, rather than the full collection. To search the full contents, start over with a new text search or fresh browse.

Examples of images and other online resources relating to Dian Fossey's early research with the mountain gorillas at the Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda include:

Also included online are examples of Campbell's documentation of Richard Leakey's Hominin fossil excavations at various sites, images of Leakey's campaign against the illegal ivory trade as head of Kenya's Wildlife Conservation and Management Department (later, the Kenya Wildlife Service). Also digitized are about 30 video and audio recordings, mostly in unedited or incomplete states. Among these are an audio book edition of Campbell's Taming of the Gorillas.

We plan to move existing and additional African wildlife conservation materials here as time permits. Many are available now in the broader African Studies Collections until this work is complete: see East African Professional Hunters Association (EAPHA) and the Ian Parker Collection (from which are digitized over 3,000 elephant biological data sheet records, along with reports on the international ivory trade and related materials). Note, too, that UF theses and dissertations on African wildlife conservation can be searched via the Institutional Repository.

On site at Smathers Libraries Special and Area Studies Collections, the physical manuscript Bob Campbell Papers include over 18,000 professional photographic slide transparencies of primarily East African wildlife species and his documentation (1968-1972) of Dian Fossey's field research with mountain gorillas that cemented her international public recognition prior to her book, Gorillas in the Mist, and the movie based on it. The finding guide is the best way to appreciate the scope of manuscript papers and other materials in the collection short of viewing them on site.