Submit your teaching resource (FAQ)


Any educator, including K12 teachers, teacher education faculty, public librarians, pre-/in- service teachers, media specialists, and graduate students, may propose a lesson or other open educational resource that uses UFDC content for inclusion in the UFDC TRC. To submit an educational resource to the TRC:

1.     Create a lesson or other teaching resource, aligning it to your selected educational standard(s), using the templates when possible, and keeping in mind the review checklist. Templates are available at:

o    Lesson Plans

o    Scales for student reflection and teacher evaluation

§  General

§  Primary/Secondary Sources Scale

2.     Login to myUFDC with your Gatorlink username/password, using either the myUFDC or Submit link above. NOTE: If you do not have a Gatorlink account, please contact us to acquire a guest account.

3.     Click on the Start a New Item from the myUFDC home tab. Select the TRC template. NOTE: If you do not have access to the template, please contact us to set your permissions to submit a lesson using the TRC template. Ensure that you send your name and affiliation with your request. Once approved, you will be notified you are in the system.

4.     Accept the Grant of Permission

5.     Complete the template and upload new items.

6.     Select Private for the status of the item before clicking on the final Submit button to start the review process.

Please review the FAQ for additional information on requirements, submission process and policies.

If you are interested in providing example UFDC items and matched standards, you may include them in the UFDC Item-Standards Linker document.

 All submitted teacher resources will have Creative Commons License of Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC). This license will allow the reuse, remixing, building upon, etc. of the submitted lesson as long as their new works acknowledge you and the reuse is not for commercial purposes. The CC BY-NC license does not require that reuses/remixes be licensed through CC (View License Deed). For more information about Creative Commons for Open Educational Resources, see

Help is available on the following pages: