How does UFDC searching work?

General information on searching and using UFDC can be found at Additional common questions are answered in the UFDC FAQ.

How does UFDC TRC searching work?

When on the main UFDC TRC search page, you are searching teaching resources developed by teachers, librarians and others.  If searching from the main page, you will search all of the resources that are in UFDC TRC, through citation and lesson itself.  You can use the advanced search tab to search for resources by specific fields including creator, subject, standard, and grade level.  Once you are on the result page for an item, you will be able to narrow results by specific collection the lesson material comes from, language, topic, geographic area, format/genre.

Other search tab options allow you to:

·         browse all titles (see hints below for more information)

·         browse standards tab to access links to Common Core State Standards and national content standards

Hints for locating educational resources using the All Titles tab

When looking for educational resources, one of the easiest ways to determine what is available in the TRC is to use the all titles tab. The Facets on the left enable easy navigation and identification of resource type, intended grade level and major keywords.

Plans are in place to include:

·         subject facets (e.g. Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, etc.),

·         abstracts in the brief display of items, and

·         browse the full text of the Common Core State Standards to locate related lessons