The Leah Stupniker Collection is a small collection focused around a booklet entitled Kometz 'Alim (a handful of leaves). The booklet, written in Hebrew, comprises parts of Leah Stupniker's diary, her creative writings, and tributes from her teachers. It reveals details about the last years of her life living happily in Palestine, before her reluctant emigration to America and her tragic death from tuberculosis at the age of fourteen. Thanks to Stephen and Robert Isard (the sons of Leah's twin sister Sonia), and George Gould (the son of Leah's older sister Alia), we are able to supplement Leah's booklet with family photographs and postcards to fill in more of the background detail. A tentative translation of the booklet has also been added. Kometz 'Alim not only records Leah's moving story, it also uncovers the engaging thoughts and writings of an extremely talented young girl with a mind far beyond her years. We thank our kind donors: Stephen Isard, Robert Isard, George Gould, and Professor Emeritus Frank Norman for making this collection possible.