The Stephens-Bryant Family Papers (formerly known as the Stephens Collection or the Bryant-Stephens Collection) include valuable material on topics in the social and economic history of Florida, the South, and the United States of America. The collection includes correspondence between the Stephens and Bryant families (as well as other family members and friends), photographs, diaries, relics, and other miscellaneous papers and materials. Although the collection spans from 1664-1989, the bulk of the material is from 1836-1931. This collection consists largely of correspondence between Winston J.T. Stephens and his wife Octavia Bryant Stephens, along with letters between members of the Stephens and Bryant families. The most significant correspondence covers the American Civil War years as letters between Winston J.T. Stephens and his wife Octavia, and any gaps in time during these years are covered by the other Bryant brothers' correspondence.

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