The Rossica Society is a world-wide society devoted to all aspects of Russian philately, from the pre-stamp days of Imperial Russia to current post-Soviet philately. The purpose of the Society is to unite all philatelist throughout the world with an interest in Russian philately and provide them a means of broadening their philatelic knowledge through inter- communication via the award winning Rossica Journal.

Rossica was established in 1929 in Yugoslavia by E. Arkhangelsky. In 1930, the first journal appeared which would later evolve into today's Rossica Journal of Russian Philately. The first issues of the journal were printed in Russian. In the 1950's the journal was published in both English and Russian. Today, the journal is published exclusively in English, reflecting a need for a common language among our international membership.

The Archive of the Rossica Society is a digital library of the Society's Rossica Journal of Russian Philately, excluding issues published within the last three years, and other digitized holdings from the Society's Library, together with Russian philatelic resources collected by the University of Florida and its partners. This digital library is open to anyone with Internet access. Recent issues of the Rossica Journal along with other monographs and resources are available from the Rossica Society.