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About Campus Art Collection

A subcollection focusing on the campus art collection of the New College of Florida. Developed and curated by NCF students.

Cataloguing note: Since it was mainly designed to accommodate printed materials, the SUS Sobek database used by New College employs categories that do not always map precisely to the categories traditionally used for describing and cataloguing works of art. The categories used here are based on the Getty Research Institute’s vocabularies, particularly Categories for the Description of Works of Art (CDWA) and Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT). The following equivalencies should therefore be understood when using the Campus Art Collection database:​

Sobek Terms

Art Cataloguing Terms

Publication Date

Creation Date or Date of Origin


Part in a Multi-Piece Series


Physical Description 


Current Location









Additionally, the viewer may note that the term “contemporary” appears frequently throughout this database. While we recognize that “contemporary” is an ambiguous cataloguing term, a large part of our collection has been produced between 1970 and the present day and is difficult to date and/or attribute to a particular style or school of art production within that time frame. Due to this ambiguity, the term “contemporary” has been used in this database to refer to unattributable artworks that have been produced on or after 1970 without any particular reference to an artistic style or period.

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