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About Phase 1: Nidhe Israel Synagogue Restoration


In 1987, the Nidhe Israel synagogue, one of the oldest in the Western hemisphere, opened its doors again to the public. The synagogue had been in existence since 1654, but was damaged in the 1831 hurricane and subsequently rebuilt. In 1928, the synagogue was sold off, and by the early 1980s it was slated for demolition. BSRP spearheaded the restoration of the synagogue to its former glory through the assistance of Barbados' government, and individuals and organizations both in the country, as well as abroad. This sub-collection contains material relating to the process of restoring the synagogue including: background material on the synagogue’s history; correspondence with a variety of entities, such as government agencies, non-profits abroad, donors, etc.; literature; architectural plans; photos, etc.