Jacob and Sallie Mickler Letters (Confederate soldier and family)

Jacob E. Mickler (1834-1864) was born in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1834, and married Sallie A. Latimer. He was a scout for the United States Army in South Florida, and he helped to capture Seminole Indians during the Third Seminole War. During the Civil War he served as a first lieutenant and captain in Company F of the Third Florida Infantry Regiment but resigned his commission in 1862. He then served in the militia and was most active in efforts to thwart the Union blockade of Florida.  He was killed in a hunting accident in 1864. This collection of 30 letters between husband and wife deal mostly with the Florida home front, especially Confederate efforts to contain Union forces at Jacksonville after the Battle of Olustee in 1864.  An 1866 letter by Sallie Latimer is probably to her second husband, John Fletcher White.