Below is a breakdown of the data included in this collection from the Long Term Monitored Reef Project.

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File Name Nickname Type of observation
LTR_PhysicalChar Reef Morphology The dimensions of each reef (e.g. size, depth)
LTR_PercentVisualCover Estimated Percent Cover Benthic cover on each monitored reef based on visual estimates
LTR_PointContact Another, more exact estimate of Percent Cover Benthic cover based on a different estimate of percent cover
LTR_ThalassomaSurveys Labrid-Scarid surveys Counts and sizes of fish in the families Labridae and Scaridae, these surveys also include settlers (small, individuals that recently arrived at the reefs) and predators
LTR_Pomacentrid Damselfish surveys Counts in size classes of fish in the family Pomacentridae
LTR_VermetidSizes Sizes of gastropods (vermetids) on each reef Sizes of sessile gastropods commonly called vermetids on each of the monitored reefs
LTR_VermetidCounts Counts of gastropods (vermetids) on each reef Number of 1 species of vermetid (Dendropoma maximum) on each patch reef
LTR_BranchingCoral Branching corals on reefs Genera and sizes of branching corals on reefs

Please email the author: Craig Osenberg (osenberg at before data are used.