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About Estus H. Magoon Collection

Estus H. Magoon was a sanitation engineer who worked with the International Health Board/Division of the Rockefeller Foundation. He designed and built sewer systems, water supply plants, and other sanitation and public health projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. Spending much of his time working in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Panama, Magoon had an office in Havana from 1935 to 1947, when he moved to Coral Gables, Florida.

From this collection, over 1,600 photographs dating primarily from the 1930s and 1940s have been digitized. These images document the sanitation and public health projects on which Magoon served as engineer. Most of the photographs are of a technical nature showing construction sites and processes, but many views show living conditions and scenic views of several countries that include Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia and Jamaica.

The University of Miami's Estus H. Magoon Collection is generously included within the Digital Library of the Caribbean with permission from the University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection.  Please visit the original collection at http://merrick.library.miami.edu/cubanHeritage/chc0126.