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About Guyana Gender Hub

The Guyana Gender Hub connects feminists and advocates who are committed to gender equality and gender justice in Guyana , and by extension the wider Caribbean. The persons who are part of the Hub commit to intersectional, intergenerational and intercultural approaches to gender equality and gender justice. The Hub builds on the work and knowledge of Guyanese and Caribbean feminist movements, organisations, activists , researchers and creatives. The digital archive of the Guyana Gender Hub provides open access to the knowledge presented in reports, oral histories, research and other reflections of the valuable work that moves us towards gender equality and gender justice. For further information contact Christine Samwaroo, Email: csamwaroo29@gmail.com Salima Bacchus-Hinds, Email: aneesa.hinds@gmail.com Vidyaratha Kissoon, Email: vidyak1@gmail.com