The Curaçao Public Library Foundation will contribute newspapers from the Curacao Public Library and other cultural heritage institutions such as the Mongui Maduro Library and the library of the University of the Netherlands Antilles to the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library.

The Curaçao Public Library was established in 1922 as part of the Government Service of Culture and Education. The library is a public library, but functions also as National library safeguarding local material for posterity. The mission of Curaçao Public library Foundation (FBPK) is to inform individuals and organizations, in the broadest sense. In order to achieve this, FBPK actively promotes accessibility to local and general infonnation. The Curaçao Public library Foundation aims to offer this information in accordance with necessities and possibilities of our target groups. In addition, Curaçao Public library Foundation definitely fulfills a highly important cultural, educative, recreational and social purpose in the community.