Florida-based Educa Vision Inc. (EVI) designs, develops, publishes, and distributes a broad range of Haitian-related educational materials for use in Haiti, United States, Canada and the Caribbean area. The materials are available in several media including books, posters, charts, computer programs, audio/video tapes, CD-ROM, iPhone and iPad Applications, Kindle and Nook e-books. Some are bilingual; others are in English or Haitian Creole or in French.  EVI is contributing select publications to dLOC.

Diksyonè kreyòl VilsenAdditionally, EVI provides a broad range of integrated services such as curriculum development, users' manual and training packages to organizations. Areas of experiences are: K-12 education, curriculum development, teacher’s training, Public Health, distance education, informal education, adult education, environmental education, animators' manual, micro-credit packages, library development, educational video production, etc.

Diksyonè sansThe focus of Educa Vision is the Haitian regardless where s/he is geographically. EVI has more than 1000 titles. It has strength in Language arts, science, social sciences and mathematics. Additionally it has a wide range of public health education materials ranging from, nutrition, STD prevention, high blood pressure, diabetes... to elephantiasis.

The company founder, Féquière Vilsaint is Haitian born. He started the company in 1991 while still a researcher at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department of the University of South Florida (USF), in Tampa, FL. Three years later he left USF to devote his resources to expand EVI.  EVI core staff is supplemented by professionals with a wide range of expertise.

To make a valuable contribution to the body of Haitian-related educational materials, by publishing materials that connect culturally and linguistically to the students, teachers, administrators, service providers and community leaders.

Selected Customers:

  • New York Board of Education School
  • Dade County Public Schools
  • University of Florida
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Librarie La Pléiade
  • Ministère de l'Education / Sec. d'Etat à l'Alphabétisation.
  • University of the West Indies
  • Université du Québec A Montréal
  • … And more

Educa Vision has received awards from different institutions, including Haitian Studies Association, Brown University Conference in 2010, Library of Congress 2011.

For more information about Educa Vision Inc., please visit or call 954 968 7433.