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About CUNY Dominican Studies Institute

The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute, founded in 1992, witnessed the establishment of its library in 1994 under the stewardship of its current Chief Librarian, Professor Sarah Aponte. The library's collections were generously donated by members of the Council of Dominican Educators. Subsequently, in 2002, the Institute further expanded its mission by inaugurating the archives, serving as a dedicated repository for preserving and documenting the rich history and invaluable contributions of the Dominican population in the United States. 

The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Archives and Library boasts an exceptional reference collection comprising bibliographic resources that comprehensively capture the Dominican experience, both within the United States and globally.  

The Digital Resources page offered by the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute serves as a centralized hub, gathering an array of cutting-edge projects, educational materials, visual content, maps, oral histories, archives, and publications, all intricately tied to the field of Dominican Studies. 

See more from the CUNY DSI website:  https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/dsi