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About UF Health Science Center Oral Histories

The University of Florida Health Science Center is a distinctively large academic health center distinguished by a large number of health professions colleges, generating a notable and significant history steeped in innovative approaches.  A few examples include: the first public medical school in the state, created through a unique planning process that included a study defining the then current and then future health needs for the state, and bringing in founders who were known for their novel, informed approaches to healthcare education, the nursing school was noted for an emphasis on graduate nurse training, the college of health professions was the first in an academic health center.  The Center also was fortunate to have Dr. Samuel Proctor present at the time when it was possible to capture the beginning years of the center through oral histories, thus creating a valuable historical record supplemented with additional interviews, and the interviews are housed within the Samuel Proctor Oral History Collection. This collection contains interviews with faculty, staff, administrators, and students of the University of Florida Health Science Center. It also brings in individuals involved in the missions of education, research, and patient care in the six health science center colleges, administrative units, and the library.  It also includes the oral history collection created by the College of Nursing and featuring members of that college.  The collection highlights stories of those involved in the health center creation and interviews showing the impact of UF-HSC innovators on national healthcare education as well as healthcare. It also includes a project that collects oral history interview with people who caught the polio virus and describes their experience with the illness and navigating the world with varying levels of disability. A complete listing of different interviews can be found at the Health Science Center Library Archives site.