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About Florida Queer History

The Florida Queer History Project centers queer-identifying Floridians’ self-reflections as a collection of oral history interviews. It seeks to preserve the history of queer life in Florida amidst continuous scrutiny. Several interviews reflect experiences of university students navigating life at the University of Florida as ‘out’ individuals; of Floridians growing up in environments in which stereotypes of queer identities influence the trajectory of their own expression; and of resistance as a component of queer life in Florida. FQH focuses on individual lives and the ways in which queer identity on the micro- level reflects larger socio historical trends. The collection includes zines, academic papers, and archived interviews from local and national Pride events.

The Samuel Proctor Oral History Program
PO Box 115215 • 241 Pugh Hall • SPOHP@clas.ufl.edu
Gainesville, Florida 32611
352-392-7168 • https://oral.history.ufl.edu