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About David Snedeker Collection of Florida Stereoviews

Stereoviews were a photographic sensation of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. An early form of 3-D photography, they present two images of the same object or place, taken at slightly different angles, and mounted side by side on cardboard. When seen through a stereoviewer, the two image create depth-perception, mimicking binocular vision, and the image becomes three-dimensional. This collection, assembled by UF alumnus David Snedeker, contains more than 2,000 stereoview images from around Florida. Images date from the late 1870s into the 1920s, and focus on tourist destinations such as St. Augustine, Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville, as well as cities and towns across the state. Most images have captions or other identifying information. The originals are held at the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History.

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