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About the Caribbean Diaspora Digital Humanities Center at UPR-RP

Caribbean Diasporas Digital Humanities Center is an initiative by The Diaspora Project aiming to revitalize, reuse and recover primary and secondary sources, as well as artifacts, all related to carnival practices and mobility in the Caribbean. Recent discussions within both popular and scholarly circles have promoted conceptions of human movement or migration with negative valences; migration is understood as deviation, displacement, invasion, an exceptional state or problematic condition that requires remedies or interventions. Our approach counters these assumptions by posing mobility as the norm, demonstrated through the analysis of an array of Caribbean carnival practices.

The Caribbean Diasporas Digital Humanities Center has had a long-standing collaboration with the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), which have resulted in capacity-building experiences in digitizing best practices, digital curation, and digital production in open access environments. dLOC provides technical support for training, technical needs, metadata, and offline digital preservation repositories. This partnership has been essential for the preservation and dissemination of The Caribbean Diaspora Project’s digital collections.

For more information, please contact:
Mirerza González-Vélez —  mirerza.gonzalez1@upr.edu
Nadjah Ríos Villarini — nadjah.rios@upr.edu
The Caribbean Diaspora Project — caribbean.diaspora@upr.edu

Please visit our website http://caribbeandiasporaproject.org/

Currently we are working with three important community archives in Puerto Rico. For more information please visit the following links:

Vieques Historic Archive https://dloc.com/vieques

Culebra Community Digital Archive https://fundacionculebra.omeka.net/

Casa Pueblo Historic Archive http://archivohistoricocasapueblo.org/


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