The Asian Studies Collections at the University of Florida, from which this digital collection is partly drawn, contain materials on:

  • History -- East and South Asia
  • Languages and Literatures -- East, South and Southeast Asia
  • Religions -- East, South, Southeast and Central Asia
    • Buddhism
    • Daoism
    • Hinduism
  • Other humanities and social science fields -- Various Asian-related areas

With more than 1,700 works, the Harn Museum’s Asian art collection spans a timeframe ranging from the Neolithic period through cutting-edge contemporary art. It covers a vast geographic distribution area, from central Asia in the west to Japan in the east, and from China in the north to the southernmost points of India and Southeast Asia. The strengths of the collection are evident in ceramics, jades, and metal works and are further augmented by stone sculptures, paintings, and prints. The variety and quality of the works provide the opportunity to explore regional and transnational trends in Asian art, ranging from ceramic traditions to the spread of Buddhism to the relationships between Asia and the West via artistic visions and creations. (More on the Harn's Asian art collection and other Asian art collections in Florida)

The print, microform and DVD/video collections are housed within the University of Florida Libraries' Humanities and Social Sciences Collections. There are more than 500 East Asian-related periodical titles and approximately 40,000 non-serial items in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and various European languages. South, Southeast and Central Asian-related holdings are mostly in English.