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About the Archivo Histórico Casa Pueblo/Historical Archive Casa Pueblo

In 1980 the federal government in collaboration with the Puerto Rican government proposed a plan for mining exploitation of the municipalities of Adjuntas, Utuado, Lares and Jayuya known as the Master Plan for Puerto Rico 1980-2020. In response, locals adjunteños, among them the founders of Casa Pueblo, Alexis Massol and Tinti Deyá, organized what was known as “Taller de Arte y Cultura de Adjuntas”. Their purpose was to educate local communities about the negative effects of mining exploitation and the impact it would have on the environment. In 1985, Massol and Tinti acquired the property we know today as Casa Pueblo, a place that serves as a cultural center and where the Historical Archive Casa Pueblo resides.

Initiated in 2020, the archive is created to preserve, conserve, and digitalize the documents, photos, and ephemeral objects compiled by Tinti through the years in photo albums known as “los álbumes de Tinti”. These document the early stages of the movement, from its early beginnings with the Palenque Bookstore, through the formation of “El Taller de Arte y Cultura” to what we know today as Casa Pueblo. Here we can find a collection of ephemeral documents composed of posters, programs, proclamations, letters, and promotional sheets of the cultural activities that were organized through the years battling the mining exploitation plan. In addition, the following collections were identified: Newspapers, Photographs, the “Tierra Adentro” Magazine, published from 1979 to 1992, and The Collection of Special Publications and Books.

What started as an organized effort to educate on the negative effects of mining exploitation became a self-sustained social project.  This commitment stays as legacy to the protection of natural, cultural, and human resources, not only in Adjuntas, but in all Puerto Rico.

Our Mission:

  • To preserve, conserve and digitalize all documents related to Casa Pueblo.
  • To provide physical and virtual access to the documents available in the Historical Archive Casa Pueblo, Adjuntas to users in and out of Puerto Rico.
  • To make public the proposals that communities have generated in response to social, economic, political, and natural challenges with historical backgrounds

    For more information about the Historical Archive Casa Pueblo, please contact: (787) 829-4842 or radio station number: (787) 829-2010. You can also email us at: casapueblo.correo@gmail.com. 
    Visit the archive website http://archivohistoricocasapueblo.org/s/archivo-historico-de-casa-pueblo/page/bienvenidos1.

Casa Pueblo

Physical address: Calle Rodulfo González #30. 

Postal address: Apartado 704 Adjuntas PR 00601

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