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About Digital Aerospace Collection

The Digital Aerospace Collection is an ongoing project to house, organize and preserve contemporary and historic material pertaining to NASA operations in Florida and around the country, as well as non-NASA content from both U.S. and International publishers. The history of Florida has been inextricably linked to NASA since the Launch Operations Center was opened in the early 1960s.

The advent of the Space Program transformed Florida forever. A multitude of laborers relocated to the Sunshine State and changed Cape Canaveral into a focal point for jobs in many scientific fields, including aeronautical and electrical engineering, as well as construction, fabrication, and manufacturing.

“Space” developed into a fundamental part of Florida’s ethos …from the Mercury and Apollo missions, to the Space Shuttle and beyond.

This undertaking will seek to build on the success of other projects including the Florida Digital Newspaper Library, the Digital Military Collection and the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library.