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The Comics Collection draws from the University of Florida's strengths in graphic texts, including comics from the Suzy Covey Comic Book Collection in Special & Area Studies Collections, as well as serials like Punch and Fun from other collections in Special & Area Studies Collections.  These materials are part of the overall strengths in illustrated texts or imagetexts at UF, including materials available online from the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature Digital Collection with its vast holdings of picture books and illustrated books. The Comics Collection supports research and teaching in Comics Studies at the University of Florida.

Particular areas in development include the digitization of comics: Will Eisner's P*S The Preventive Maintenance Monthly, Fun, Punch, broadsheets of the Imagerie d'Epinal, The Comic Almanack, and the online materials for the Comics Exhibits. Areas for upcoming development include the digitization of photographs of comic creators along with audio and video interviews with comic creators. Other projects include the creation of visually annotated bibliographies for comics in military newspapers from the Florida Digital Newspaper Project, including Droopy the Drew Field Mosquito by Harry Lampert and comics from the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Collection including Antonio Prohías' (creator of Spy V. Spy) political cartoons in the pages of Avance Criollo.

Many museums and libraries hold small to vast comics and imagetext collections. The University of Florida Comics Studies Program maintains a list of museums and libraries for comics. Collections listed are those with the more extensive collections within the United States, including UF and:

Many of these and other libraries and museums have additional lists of comics resources.