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About Historic News Accounts of Florida

Historic News Accounts of Florida draws from the newspapers from the William and Sue Goza & Thomas and Georgine Mickler Collections. These papers were not published in Florida; however, they help complete the journalistic record for Florida.

With the exception of the East-Florida Gazette in the 1780s and a small press at Fernandina in 1817, Florida had no colonial newspapers. Even in the immediate aftermath of cession in 1821, only a few newspapers served Florida. The William and Sue Goza & Thomas and Georgine Mickler Collections' newspapers consists of stories and reports about Florida gathered together by the Goza and Mickler families and donated to the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History. They are from non-Florida newspapers and cover events in Florida between 1762 and 1885. The articles pre-dating the Territorial Period help to "fill in" the journalistic record at a time when there was no Florida press, while the articles from after 1821 both complement and supplement news published in Florida.

This collection includes the full issues or full text for articles whenever available from the prior Mickler-Goza Newspaper Article Database, 1762-1885 (from the Collections of William and Sue Goza & Thomas and Georgine Micker). The database included approximately 1,500 article citations and several hundred article citations with full text for the articles.