Newsletter Fall 2023 Semester

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Newsletter Fall 2023 Semester
Huet, Hélène
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This is a newsletter for Fall 2023 about the services I provide for my patrons, new resources we have recently acquired in the UF libraries, the Graduate Student Workshop Series, and a list of some of our most recent book acquisitions in European studies.
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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR 2023 2024 1 Eve r ything you need to know for 202 3 20 2 4 Fall 2023 E MAIL: HHUET@UFL.EDU ; TWITTER: @SUPERHH ; PHONE: 352 273 2771 IN THIS ISSUE : MY SERVICES , OF INTEREST, NEW RESOURCES , GRADUATE WORKSHOP SERIES, RECENT BOOK ACQUISITIONS My Services What Can I Do for You? Create a Research Guide for a course . Provide library instruction . Help on a digital project (teaching or research) . Consult with you for your research . Find resources . Purchase books . Purchasing materials with ongoing costs such as journals and databases is more difficult, but feel free to discuss these pote ntial purchases with me. Make sure to check out my research guides and to add them to your syllabi : European Studies French and Francophone Digital Humanities Projects French and Francophone Studies French and Francophone Linguistics German Studies Italian Studies Portuguese Studies Slavic Studies Spanish Studies Of Interest We are undergoing two renovation projects at Library West. One project will double the number of single study seats on the north and west sides of the Quiet Study (4th) floor. The other project will improve our Mindfulness Studio on the 1st floor. We expect these projects will be completed toward the end of September 2023. Areas adjacent to both of these projects may sometimes be temporaril y closed while work is completed.


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR 2023 2024 2 New Resources Make sure to log in to the VPN before accessing any of these resources if you are off campus. Africa Commons We have access to three modules: History & Culture , Black South African Magazines , extremely rare, digitized magazines written and targeted specifically for Black African audiences, and Southern African Films and Documentaries , which spans from the early 1900s to the early 2000s and offers streaming access to feature films, interviews, propaganda, newsreels, and documentaries. PBS Video Collection 4th Edition This collection of more than 1,600 streaming videos provides an exceptional range of content with the most valuable video documentaries and se ries from PBS. From science to history, art to Shakespeare, diversity to business & economics, and more . Policy Commons We have access to two modules: Global Think Tanks , which is a policy experts, think tanks, IGOs and NGOs and North American City Reports , which is a collection of surveys, reports, and research from hundreds of North American cities and urban agencies. Sezgin Online We now have access to Sezgin Online , a bio bibliography for the Arabic literary tradition and Sezg in Online II: The Frankfurt Volumes , a continuation of Sezgin Online and a bio bibliography of renowned figures from the Islamic world. Graduate Student Workshop Series Designed by research experts, this series equips graduate students with essential skills for all stages of the research life cycle. Participants will be able to (1) learn best practices for designing accessible poster presentations, (2) navigate the process of preserving and publishing their resea rch, (3) refine their search skills with library and research databases, and (4) learn tips and tricks for using AI effectively and ethically in developing their research. SESSION ONE: Designing an Accessible and Engaging Research Poster Presentation L isa Campbell September 14, 3 4pm Workshop Description: In this hands on workshop, you will learn (1) how to design a research poster that is engaging and accessible, (2) identify the key sections and information to include, (3) create clear and concise text and visuals, and (4) present your poster confidently and effectively. Presenter Bio: Lisa Campbell (she/her) is the Instruction and Outreach Librarian at Library West, the humanities and social sciences library at UF. In this position she str ives to create inclusive library learning experiences that engage students and develop information and digital literacies. Her research interests include accessible user experience, student engagement, and critical digital pedagogy. Zoom: LibCal:


LIBRARY WEST? EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR 2023 2024 3 SESSION TWO: Disseminate and Archive Your Research: Solutions for Publishers Ginessa Mahar September 21, 3 4pm Workshop Description: Ensure your hard work is preserved and shared widely! This workshop will focus on the latter end of the research cycle and will cover publishing and archiving solutions. Presenter Bio: Ginessa Mahar is the Anthropology Librarian at UF. She is an anthrop ological archaeologist who specializes in archival, library, and museum collections. Her research interests include ethical access to Indigenous cultural heritage and Florida archaeology. Zoom: LibCal: /11148791 SESSION THREE: Refining the Use of Databases for Better Search Results Megan Daly October 26, 3 4pm Workshop Description: This workshop is designed to help researchers sharpen their database searching sk ills so they can more efficiently locate books, articles, and other library materials for their research. Presenter Bio: Megan M. Daly is the Classics, Philosophy, and Religion Librarian at Library West. She supports researchers across campus through library instruction, research consultations, and reference assistance. Her own research interests are in library collection development and the early Roman empire. Zoom: LibCal: SESSION FOUR: Hacking Bing and ChatGPT: Basic Information Literacy for Search Engines and Text Generators Tiffany Esteban & Patricia Takacs November 2, 3 5pm Workshop Description: In this workshop you will lean (1) how to effectively and ethically use AI for your research, (2) identify red flags that might indicate there is a flaw with the sources/results, and (3) how to check to make sure that the information you are receiving is real and how to properly utilize the results. Presenter Bio: Patricia Takacs is the political science librarian at Library West. She loves working with students on their research projects, finding new perspectives and resources they might not have considered before, and promoting literac y. She regularly consumes way too many Celsius drinks, gets distracted by a great Fantasy/Science Fiction read, and can frequently be found on the coast somewhere surfing or paddleboarding. Tiffany C. Esteban (she/her) is the Digital Humanities Associ ate at Library West. She works with the UF community on digital humanities projects and teaching. She is especially interested in digital humanities work involving world literature, language learning, and digital games. In addition to her digital humanitie s responsibilities, she is affiliated with the Academic Research Consulting and Services department at the UF Libraries as a member of the Artificial Intelligence Team. In this capacity, she focuses on ethical and socio cultural issues related to labor and information policies surrounding artificial intelligence technologies. Zoom: LibCal:


LIBRARY WEST? EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR 2023 2024 4 Some of O ur R ecent Print and E Book Acquisitions: Late colonial French Cinema : Filming the Algerian War of Independence Contemporary Arabic literature : heritage and innovation Introduction to Arabic linguistics Books against Tyranny : Catalan Publishers under Franco. Pragmática histórica del español : formas de tratamiento, actos de habla y construcción del diálogo Unamuno y la política : de la pluma a la palabra . Figures de l'excès chez Marie Darrieussecq, Virginie Despentes et Marina de Van : le corps frontière Faut il brûler Tintin? Sonne und Beton Red internationalism anti imperialism and human rights in the global sixties and seventies Polish literature as world literature Il mondo in cornice : la finestra occhio in Pirandello A companion to the Renaissance in southern Italy (1350 1600) Donne amate e cantate dai poeti : figure femminili nella poesia italiana The hygienic apparatus : Weimar cinema and environmental disorder Return to the motherland : displaced Soviets in WWII and the Cold War Noun based constructions in the history of Portuguese and Spanish Voces transgresoras : una memoria queer de la cultura insumisa Inclusi(.f.v.e.s) : le monde du livre et de l'écrit : quelles diversités? The EU political system after the 2019 European elections