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The royal gazette, and Bahama advertiser
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Bahama advertiser
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (July 10, 1804)-
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Latest issue consulted: Vol. 8, no. 753 (Sept. 28, 1811).
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=- ■ • » 1 r -in- 1 ■.i-utmjil.M mlh
Royal J/MgjmL Gazette,
•4JVD bAwalmA \abvebtiSejr.

S> turday, March 1817. .....Yttiau, Nev>‘ Providence Priptul by K M' Queen, 14 Co- —.[Vo/. IV Ao. 348

fvtM of perrons about to obtain
rfpketi for departure.

ffdhl. Jfifwmam
Asn Prior
William Bush
David WDonald
Adrian Lamotle
Aim Hutchison
Peter Kennedy
Willi an Doxtson

Chamber of Commerce.
The following Member* constitute
the Committee totuantact theordina theordinatj
tj theordinatj basinets of the Chamber, for the
garter commencing the 22ci tnst.
Alexander Baim* V. President
Thomas Bam a, I*AAc Baillou,
Jams* M‘Mik»i Robert 11. Bonch.
Feb. 2 Iff..
Assize of Hi cad.
Toe Veikry hxxttig fixed the
gisixe of Bread at the rate of
d 'll trs |» x Vine! >f ' tipirfine 7!.our
Ordered That ’■He Shilling Loaf do
neigh lib. St me bix penny 10. b ox.
tty order of the P’estty
tt. C. CLAXTO X, Clerk.
Vestry Room, Mu ch A/A, 1817.
s r
All person* Having demands against
lh*‘ E«i»t linRS Miud, Widow, are requested to
render sh•• s.-tine, prop ily aliened ; and
the«* indebted to the «»id Rotate are de desired
sired desired to make payment to
Dec. 20tb.
All persons hating demands against
tl>t estate of Abraham Adderb J T, late of
Island Planter, dettQk ed, are re*
qaest-d to render the attested;
and all ihos* to said estate are
desired to make peutuent, to,
Feh. slk
' I, ,11,1.1... I. I -,>>rrii «is. ii.
To (he Legatees of the deceased William
TV Subscriber elr-* notice . that be
Jaw*!!, y 0 pay Legatees under th*
wnt «Mhe tecenod, t feather dividend
•* £27 lOt. on their respective hew
All prwwdaly authorised to
receive the same will iherefare V p|* as.
7<" Vplf atthn Storeef'Messrs. Gor.
do; b Thomson 8c C*.
JOAN ENURES, Executor.
****“*&*&, 18 T.

Catharine Ranch
James Wood
Martha Clark
Daniel Young
Grace Hamilton
Isabella Johnson
Thomas Moo»e

Ntt fjc re. f • s i a, a u t i stem i.e a a ti r e n.

All persons hating tiny demands a.
gainst ttjjp Subscribers will plrpsc tp
render the same on er before the Ist of
May next, they being anxious tp close
all their concerns in this country ;yand ait
those indebted will please make payment
on or before the above period,
March 12.
The Subscriber intending to leave <
these Islands early in the spring, re requests
quests requests all those to whom he is indebted
to hand in their accounts so that they
may be paid ; and those who stand in indebted
debted indebted to him are called an for payment
Us all accounts standing after the Ist
March next will be sued for.
January 4th.
All persons having demands yn the
F?st t’«* o f M. Joint Stewart, late of Cat
Island, Blunter, drr»a**>d, are requested
to rvi.Jei Uv same,duly authenticated, to
M'Miou A: M’WiMi-tiH ; and those in.
drifted u> the same are hereby required
to mike p-«vmenr to.
... m . â– â–  .m â– â–  - ; '
h hereby *riv«n that an assignment Is
m*de of ait Debts due the late Concern
of Brooks and Ssmudeis to Mr. Francis
Moat'll, to whom it is required that
pay iueui snouid imnc diat ’iv be mode.
March B f h.
— . -v . r tn n- i ■ -i
A Lady who baa a large JLuso in
an airy situation in Town, Will take six
oTrhjltt Chtdreu as Boarders, by the
month nr year. Every attention will be
paid lo them For further particular*
npplv ai *his uflict.
Feb. Bth.
~ deserted;
from His Majesty's bth W. i. Regiment
the following Men.
P ivate Limerick , aged 23 years ; fife
feet 10 inches high, stout made, round
face with country marks; born in Africa,
is of no trade, was lately see* near tbs
Blue Hills, deserved l6th February,
formerly deserted the 7th W. L
Private Thomas Berry,aged 33 years,
fire feet 4 inches high, round made,
ma.fc d in the fire, born in Ocaraba,
Moco,deserud 2d March.
A Reward of °ne pound one shilling
Stirling w »ll be paid for the apprehension
of . ach c*' tho sbmvemen on tbeirdeUvery
stthe Head Quarters, F«rt Charlotte.
Muitiifcf VYwel* are pu ticularly cau cautioned
tioned cautioned oeainpt receiving the above men.
Msroh Mh,
For Slate, at ths Office,
With Observations on the Pamfihleis of
Messrs. Stajifuen, MwaulctfySfc.
In a srrips of ;I to the Editor «f
the Gliasg»^ti Ce|opi^.,

Fracas beticeem the British and Ameri Americans
cans Americans at .Messina,
The foliqwlng particulars have been
published on thf authority of a Gen.
llemsn whs has just arrived from
Messina “ Onthe l6tb September,
the schooner Ann, Capt. Bril, 6f Malta,
wits lying iu the port of Messina, waiting
for a cargo. The Captain bring ou
shore, the mate observed on board under
suspicious circumstances, a man of co.
laur bionging to the Java American
frigate. On endeavouring to search
him, ihe fallow knocked the mate down.
The Clew of the Awn came instantly to
his aid, and, having overhauled the in.
truder, found concealed about his person
some leather and other ar icles which he
had stolen on board the Ann. Accord*
ing to a practice not unfrrquent with
British tars, they summarily tried him
without any reference to the civil power,
and punished him with a smart flogging.
The Mulatto, on being released, repair repaired
ed repaired immediately to the American Com.
modorc, who, choosing to consider the
affair as a natb nal insuit, made a for.
mal complaint upon the subject to the
American Consul. The latter, in his
turn, represent*d the occurrence in the
most glowing colours in a note to Mr.
Barker, the British Consul. An inter,
view took place the same day between
the Consuls, and it was mutually agreed
that the dispute should be left ter the
decision of toe Sicilian Government.
Next day, to prevent any breach of tsi*
peace whdst th* matter was under ioves.
ligation, an «rd* r wus transmitted to the
state ot the Ann not tocoip' uQ shore.
Captain B«il, however, conscious of
having given no ©fence to the. Amen.
Cans, .went on shore, and proceeded tp
the There ha was rudely
accosted by three Anerfo** officers,
who asked bia name. He had no sooner
replied, than onq of them called him a
blackguard, the second a liar, snd the
third a c award: the tatter at the same
time gave him a blow, and challenged
him to a set to. Notbiug ccpld be more
acceptable to Belt: he happened to be of
Bristol metal, and bad obtained a degree
us A. M. in the Pearce and Belcher
school. They retired to a spacious
room, and the conflict terminated not
much to the satisfaction ot the Aroeri.
can combatant.—Another of Uie party
insisted upon trying his luck: Captain
Beil was not reluctant to accorttmodate
him, and soon put him bora de combat.
The third offi er then engaged him,
but thvir companions, who bad fiy this
time numerously assembled, anticipating
another defeat, broke into the rinj, and
beat Capt. Bell most cruelly, and neat,
ed him in away which delicacy forbids
us to describe, He owed the preser preservation
vation preservation ot his life entirely to the arrival
of the Sicilian suard at the critical mo.
ment. Capt. B 11, of course, mode a
representation on t'le cr of his cru» l
and unmanly treatment to the British
Con ul. He went on shore on the 18th,
but immediately returned on board, ap apprehending
prehending apprehending fresh insults. Soon after,
two boats' crews from the Java, aimed
with pistols and cutlasses, rowed to towards
wards towards tbs Ann. Capt. Bell loaded his guns,
and threatened »o fire into them if they
did not keep offaad kepKbem »< bay until
the arrival of the British Consul,by whose
advice two American officers were per. gojqse op board, a view to
adjustment *: tbequqerel. During the
C oD*fcr*ati , coiuradkt th.e sUt«rD'nt of one of tb«
; la.Uqr snapped a loaded pistpl
;St him, fortunately qiiased. The

interview terminated in again referring
tl» matter to di# decision of the
Government. On the IjSth and 20 h
thore were pertiel disturbances b* tw* en
the Americae officers end Engthh c-p.
tains. The merchants et M*ssfoa in.
tending to make e considerable
tance in specie to M Ita by ihe Ann,
applied to thf* British Consul to procurt*
a safe conduct from the American Consol.
This the latter refused to give, cbserl
ving that he supposed the British ettp*
tain was desirous to be off as 8900 cr
possible, being conscious of his mis misconduct.
conduct. misconduct. About the 21st, two Am* ti.
can frigates sailed for Tonis, and two
others put to scKTwfth the intention, It
was feared hy some, of intercepting the
Ann, should she proceed on her voysgr.
By others h was alleged that the Afll*-rC
can frigates had been sent off in conse*
quence of an intimation from the Go.
veroor of Messina to the Commodore,
that if he did not k-ep order on boara
his squadron the forts Would be direct
ted t fire on them. 'Die Washington.
74, (the Commodore), and a sloop of
war, remained et Messina. The Ann
tail'd, at length, on the 22d, without
waiting for the decision of ft,£
Sicilian Government. When clear of
the pert she was boarded by two armed,
boats from the Washington. The Ame American
rican American officers mustered the * eiew , *n&
teok awuy one of the men, under
the false pretence of his being an Ameri American.
can. American. This proceeding, whether it re resulted
sulted resulted from n wish to mortify the British
Captain, or was intended as a retaliation
for oor right of search, is not very con.
«iStent with the general ctsnvttT ot
Commodore Decatur. It is but just to
state, that neither the Commodore nor
the American seamen took port in any
of the affrays on shore ; the whole mm
confined to the American officers, she
louder of whom was a Lieutenant Arm Armstrong.
strong. Armstrong.
Extract of a tetter jrom iv/aartu. «»
“ We remark with pleasure, for some
time post, that the English and French
Journals are more impartial in the man manner
ner manner in which they express thems* lves on*
the subject of our war with the American
insurgents. The detention of fjie Ame American
rican American ship, the Firebrand, ilk tho Golf
of Mexico, gave occasion to an alarming
report on the part of the insurgents and
their friends in the Journals of the Unit,
ed States. According to them the ge general
neral general cry iq these States was, u War
with Spain t”—The persons who flutter,
cd themselves with too insane hope of
being able by such articles to lead the
American Senate into hostilities against
us, are those resiles*, turbulent men*
who, having nothing to loseyhope, under
the favor of disorder, to obtain posses,
sion of places and wealth. But surely
America, rjch and happy in her !aws,wiil
not put her prosperity to hazard fer the
sake of some miserable iutiigoeis, who,
on the dnwufal of revolutionary princi principles,
ples, principles, have been expelled from Europe
as incoherent element* rejected by the
social system. The United States
not espouse the cans* of rebeilioo.
Power too weli knows that public ns x
sistauce granted to the insurgents nf
Spanish America would cempromis' her
relations of friendship nor 6nlv with
Spain, but with all the Maritime Powers
of the Ojd Woiidj who are oitited'hy the
interests which the future fate of their
Colonies Involve, by the ooiformi'y of
tho principle* whim govern th*
analogy of tb<- iinofoi tune* which tip**
bate so ien^eudured.

Aft«r the pacification of the Terra
Pirme, we declared Carthigena a free 1
p«rt for the allies and neutrals. The
aime had been previously done with re.
gard to the Havana and Porto Rico.
This example will also be followed in the
kingdoms which are not completely
tranquilized. It cannot therefore be
the interest of America to go to war
With us: in declaring the Gulf of
Mexico in a state of blockade, we act
according to an indisputable right. The
English- and American vessels found in
those seas,notwithstanding the blockade,
have been tried and a'fferwards released
with good fuilh. Spain has therefore
done every thing on her part to preserve
the relations of friendship' with the
United States,and is no more accountable
for fh* reports which grespread by male |
vol-nce, in ordw to produce contrary
dispositions, than the American'Senate
is for the expeditions,* which in spite of
its strict orders, sail daily from ports {
of the United States fer ports occupied
by the insurgents. For the rest, Spain,
after giving to Europe the most noble
example of patriotism, after having pur.
chased her existence with her blood, is
at last en the point of enjoying the re.
w'Srd'of her generous sacrifices.
“ The liquidation of our.d**bt has al-‘
ready had the happiest results. The
Junta of Public credit possesses consider
able funds which are daily increasing.
The working of the Peruvian mines is
resuming new activity by the aid ot
machines supplied by England. Forty
thousand men are .employed in extract,
ing gold in New Biscay and Mexico.
The communication between theThebec
and Vera Cruz is re.estalllished,aud our
creditors are not buoyed up by vaiu
hopes. Thus, in a short time, has the
great work of our restoration been arc.
compiished. With respect to internal
tranquillity, our happiness is still farther
advanced. Religion, m<>rriify, and ail
tb# Social ties were not at ail dissolved
aurtog our misfortunes ; they now con.
tinue to extend their salutary influence
over us. The men of the revolution,
withdrawn by the clemency of Sovereigns
from the vengeance of nations, would
In vain cover the New World with those
firebrands which raised a conflagration
in the Old. Their reign is passed. The
Genius of Evil has ceased to hover on
the earth. t
1 o the Editors of the Royal Gazelle .
The present Slate of affairs in this
Colony, in consequence of the sudden
fcT'i nnexpertprl rlia«nlu*ien of (he late
l‘.ou 2 of Assembly, affords just subject
tor and certainly calls for
uerious attention. By the strange and
unaccountable conduct of one gentleman,,
high in office and possessing consider,
abte influence, the cofbny has been
*Hwrwninto very great disorder. The
late House of Assembly was not merely
prorogued’but dissolved, before the ap.
propriation act, on which so much He.
pends, had passed into a Law ; in con.
sequence of which many evils have arisen
which will be severely felt by those
to whom they attach. They need not,
however, he stated, as they are known
to ail, and, I think, are qiore than sofifi.
cicntly reseated by all. That they are
evils no one will deny but that they
are only temporary Evils, I thin]? a
momenta reflection must satisfy any one
who will allow himself to think cooliy
on the subject. But to think coolly,and
reflect Impar tally, seems not to be the
order of the day. The original author
of all the Evils that wc suffer seems now
to b« overlooked and forgotten, and the
biame is wholly to another still higher
in Office, who l think is far less deser.
ving of Marne, than he is commonly re represented
presented represented to be. It must be confessed,
indeed, that without the interference of
his Mijfsiy** Representative, the Ileuse
of Assembly could not have been dissol.
ved, but on the other hand, when it is
considered to what heights the matter in
dUpute had been curried, with what per.
severance the House of Assembly were
pursuing the maintenance of their own
just rights, and with what obstinacy the
gentleman coucerned was denying and

opposing those rights, it cannot be,
matter of much surprise to any one,
that the Governor, |n a moment efalarm
for the immediate consequences that
were likely to ensue, should overlook
those that were more remote and take
the only method in his power to pot a
stop to the proceedings. That this was
exactly the case I wilt not be so bold as
positively to affirm, as I am not in Ms
Excellency’s confidence, nor have I the
most distant access to know his mind ;
but this I wilt Venture to affirm, that
what I have here advanced upon conjee,
ture, is the most likely account that has
yet been given of the affair. To put
the worst construction upon any man’s
actions that they will bear, is seldom, if
ever, consistent with justice. Till, there*
fore, more is known with certainty of
the affair, than iryet known, men ought
to be more cautions than I have reason to
think they are, in the motives which they
ascribe to bis Excellency on that ocea.
sion. The fart is, that men’s minds are
not a little agitated by the late eveuts,
and the passidns of a few seem too much
inflamed to allow them to thiok with
that candor and moderation, which they
w6uld observe off any other subject;
in consequence of which they magnify
“ (rifles, ahd draw hasty conclusions from
premises that will by no meant bear them
oot< The Attorney General in the heat
of argument before the Court threw
out a hint expressive of a doubt whether
any House of Assembly would ever after,
wards be called ; hence fears have been
and an ul»rm industriously
spread, that we were henceforth to be
deprived of (hat privilege. Can any
man seriously lay any stress on such* a
declaration? 1 should as soon believe
that the into House of Assembly were
all Numskulls, because he is said to have
1 honored them with that polita epithet.
His affirmation in both cas«s was entit.
lt dto equal weight, that is, to none at
11. It only shows the degree of passion
with which his mind was agitated at the
But it is said, the hint he threw out
respecting a future House of Assembly
has been shown by the event to be
.something more than the mere raving
of intemperate passion. For more than thana
a thana month has now . elapsed since the late
House was dissolved, and «* orders have
yet been issued for â–  new Election, as
is usually done in similar coses ; hence it
is concluded th.t th so two things, (he
hint thrown out by thfe Attorney General
and the delay in the issuing of orders for
a new Election, are intimately coin ed,
ed ; that the one is a confirmation of the
other; and that the Governor, influenced
by the opinion and advice of the Attorney
General, really intends to call no Legis Legislature
lature Legislature in future, but to govern henceforth
by his own absolute authority. Now
of all the ridiculous things i have ever
heard; this is realty the mast ridiculous.
Whether these two things have any con.
nectioa with one another, I know not;-
neither do 1 know the Governor’s rea reasons
sons reasons for the present def »y ; but were 1
to indulge a conjecture I should suppose,
that as the matter in dispute is referred
to the decision of the Prince Regent in
Council, and as it is extremely impro.
bable that a new House, even it it were
elected and summoned to meet, would
proceed to business till that affair be de.
ternrined, his Excellency may deem it
unnecessary to issue orders for the new
elections, till nearer the time when In.
strqctions may be expected to arrive
from home. This shows that, at least,
an innoceut construction may be put bn
the present delay ;and that this ionoceulj
construction is more reasonable, in it.‘
self, and mare likely to be true, than
those unfavourable inferences which
seem to be dr,awn from it. But* that the
Governor should henceforth govern by
his own absolute authority, is an idea
too extravagaut ever to have beeo enter,
tained lor a moment either by his Ex.
cellency, orjeven by the Attorney Ge General.
neral. General. Both know too well the footing
on which they stand. Were the Gover.
nor, indeed, the independent Monarch
of these Islands, and the Attorney Ge.
neral his Prime Minister, in that nase
there might be some ground for suspicion;
but both bring amenable, and knowing
themselves to be amenable, to His Ma Majesty’s
jesty’s Majesty’s Government, no argument can bo

ft 0 V A t G AHff lL

derived from the late events, or indeed
from any other that can happen, to jus.
tify so wild and so extravagant an idea
I am surprised, therefore, and astonished
to think that it should eyre have enter entered
ed entered intotha head of auy sensible man.
Let os consider, for a moment, -how
thema'ier really stands. This little
Colony has the happiness to be under
the protection and dominion of Great
Britain. Its governors are appointed
by the Crown, and are responsible lor
evrry act of their government to the
King ; they can do nothing, but in con conformity
formity conformity with the instructions they have
received, and if they should at any time
do otherwise, they are removeable at
pleasure. Will any Governor, therefore,
even entertain an idea, that he can go.
vern us in an arbitrary manner, or,
indetd, in any manner not consisted!
with his instructions ? Besides we have
an acknowledged Constitution, eveiy
way similar though subordinate to th»
Constitution of Gieat Britain ; and f i *
acts of our Legislature,as well a- (' •
legislature itself, have the same autho.
rity within he colony, which the Acts
of the British legislature have wiririu
the united Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland. Nay farther, the acts of
our legislature have ever been honored
with the approbation and assent of the
King or Prince Regent in his behalf
Now, though this Constitution may he
suspended in part for a time, in const*
quenc* of disputes that any arise, till the
King’s pleasure shall be known ; yet
it never can be annihilated by any other
power than that of the Sovereign, and
not even by him but io consequence of
some very great delinquency on our part,
such as would render us utterly unwor unworthy
thy unworthy o(the character of free subjects.
Why then all this djjst about the t*m t*mporarysuspension
porarysuspension t*mporarysuspension of a privilege, as if that
was a premeditated step towards a total
annihilation of the whole.
« '
So far, I presume, will the present
suspension be from leading to any such
measure, that it will doubtless be the
happy means, of confirming and strength,
ening all our legal and constitutional
privileges, and of rendering them less
liable to be disputed on any fu'ure occa occasion.
sion. occasion. If any abuses have indeed inad inadvertently
vertently inadvertently crept in, as the Attorney
General affirms, these will no deubt
bf leformed • but should even this
be the case, the rrform of abuses can
only (and to strength/-!), n< t to weaken,'
the authority of the Legislature. At all
events, the decision which may naturally
be expected to be given in this unhappy
dispute will tend greatly to our ndvan.
tage. Our Privileges, a« far us they
are legal and constitutional, will not
•nly be confirmed but more accurately
defined, and our coir-ti nUuD itself ren.
derrd wore stable and more durable.
Ought we not then t , wau with patience,
and contentedly submit to rite evils of
which we complain, (or a few months at
least till that decision can be given ?
A little sober reflection, 1 think, cannot
fail to convince us, that this must be our
wisest measure. But while men are
under the dominion of passion and pre.
judice, they seldom adopt those mea.
*ures which moderation would point out
as the wisest and bast; tht'V commonly
pursue a present object, whatever it
may be, without looking forward to the
consequences. This is well exemplified
on the present occasion. Filled with
resentment far the affront conceived to
be put upon their lepreseniativfes. by
the hasty dissolution of the late General
Assembly, men seem to think of nothing
at present, but how they m«jr increase
the odium against his Majesty’s Repre Representative.
sentative. Representative. With this view, instead of
endeavouring to lessen the evils, which
roust inevitably follow from that step
by such means as may yet be in their’
power, they seem to wish to heighten
them in imagination beyond the reality
and to render them in practice still more
intolerable, than they need otherwise be
1 his may be clearly seen from the follow,
ing instances. The Madras system of
education has lately been introduced
into this place, by an able and e X) »e.
nencetj. Teacher sent out on purpose
from England. The system itself has
beeo fully tried at home, and the bene benefits
fits benefits arising from it have been found to
exceed all calculation; even the short

experience that we have had of it &. ]
to a demonstration its extensive £
and hold’s forth the highest extw tJIl 1 1
of inestimable advantages to be
from it, to the inhabitants of I
colony. The late House #f
bly, convinced of the grntaett y 1
its utility, and animated with « L I
sire to promote the public m S
granted liberal sums for its tapZj'B
and for carrying it into
cution. In particular, provides tj
made for the building es s
School House, of dimension* sas e ;,tH fi
large to accommrdote tb* childreaffjgE
the white inhabitants. Workmen hit
been engaged, ami had contract*t|,fi
carry it into *x> cution ; arid tfia
was not only b*-guu, 'jut consideraktyai.l
Vflnced, when a slop was put t«I
merely for the want of money; flu
what is very strange, when an tlttaaG
was made to raise money by lon t,K
*n«ble the w oik men to perf«rn (hr I
contract with rite Public, though thl
*ery best and most undoubted trCsml
| was elf. rcJ, the loan was rtfurf.l
which could be attributed to saatbrl
caus»*, but the p riiticri sent i meats
sent so prevalent among the propk. '»■
That *s**ful institution for the vete*^l
& comfortable maintenance of the indni â– 
and aged poor, u ually denominated ft I
Poor’s House, »« it depends chiefly ( uf fi
its support on u| money j|
iiranUd by the 11 >use of I
inevitably be a very great stift'.m cuibfl
present occasion, and cons qaeutly avtfi
stand in nerd of *x # *rt*a! aid front fcfi
beneficence of a humane and gentry§§
Public. And when one considers hi
great ami a; know hdged
naturally think th«t every man iaft,l
community would b- forward to lead itl
such assistance as his rituatiou
cumstanres might «-nab|e bin' jsorwfyfi
advancing money on the public cf*& t 5
Others by furnishing on the a mss creditß
such articles of provision a* they tkffi
happen to deal in ; but excep* iu a k instances, as far as J have been shiv %â– 
learn I h«ve reason to believe, ih* kil
uot yet b«i>n done. The pr»- -‘l *g «,■
pinion seems to have been front tb*
that this useful Instbntiow shruMtx d*.l
»ied all suppoit, and consta ntly t&di
the Commissi'>n> rs should b*- r&rep/lM I
from necessity to shut the doors of (hi
House, and turn the Poor adrift t* frg|
or starve in the stru ts. And «ria* frfitl
mighty object that is proposed to
•-d by tins proceeding ? Why,not!>i*;|
less than that tb- act •>( the Gnv*m.r,|
in dissolving the Lft;Hlatoie tielvie tbl
Appropriation Act *»« passed,an by disappointing the House el Assretitf
of a favorite object,—may be readers!
tne more glaring. Th»* is juat •» H»
ship’s crew «t s* a, win n dvertaken ty
a storm,and the vessel io danger of hi*|
wrecked on a lee shore, sbonld ia tß"*
sequence es som* pique tbrircapb*
refuse to work, though it was obvlen
tiiev?ss< l mii>ht by proper exerttauilit
saved, that the captain, is conseqovW*
of the loss of the ship and cargo, nfilM
incur Ihu greater dispb asure fr«» #*
But when< seut ferment has wl
sided, and men b*gin to t* rit ®«*
coolly on the subject, wiy any se«®W«
man approve of the ideas now grtwrsllj
prevalent respecting either of the !»**•
tutions in question ? Will they net ire
that, thougftthe inconveniences co *'
plained of originated in the above «*•*
tioned act of the G>vernor,ye» that **f
should become real evils entireljr d«*
pends upon, the community ■ W*«#
the Public come forward in the wsfisff
that they ought to do on sneb an e«rr*
gency,and in which many might da
out much inconvenience to ihratselw*,
those evils woptd scarcely be we not then our own tormentors ? D®
we not voluntarily inflict those
evils upon ourselves, which
ascribe to the wicked drsigoa oft bast *
Power ? and are we not* in that
incredibly more to be blamed
Cool and sober reason, rouat hWflf
decide against us.
What thbn, it will probably bewk4
would you have us to do ?
Just what you tl)ink the sMp , *W p, |
above supposed ought te hate done*
every one in his own stations * c '
cording to his ability) lend » s

~4 ttf Mft ear l'ttle vessel of state,
’Jlrtrt the q«*rr*l at present existing
. «s«»d the master to be decid decid.
. decid. j-tfc# prefer authorities. A formal
opMlbas already been made to the only
JJJJf,by which the matters in dispute
di be decided ; let ns then wait with
Mtienee HU t«»it decision is given, and
dlea we may reasonably hope,that things
vitlagai* taken to the * r won!ed course:
M rCoßStita:ioaal privileges, as was said
before will be undoubtedly,continued Jo
bj, and we may jet be a happy and a
prosperous people.
The above remarks,being the unbias.
Kd icuiiments of my own mind, are of* 1
frred without a viewe tber to serve, or
eeosore, any of the political parries a apresen
present apresen existing among us ; but with a
sincere design to counteract some opini opinicns,
cns, opinicns, which appear to me highly mono.
oms, and which cannot fail to be injuri.
ou-j, as fir a* they are acted upon, to the
ppsre and happiness of the community,
ff you think them deserving a place in
your useful paper, your insertion of
as vwu as convenient will greatly
Your moit übttk. Set vant,
and one who desires to be
Xastati, March IS th 1816.
SjTvitDjT, 15 th March 1817.
Tk're has been no arrival since our
kit, from any quarter*—YVe are there,
fare wuioot ai y fresh intelligence.—
Th* full swing articles arc sHerG'd to
sh*a (be severity ol the Winter iu Ame America.
rica. America. in the memory of " f»i >j ol ih* j re- !
amt genetatioo, »ve believe, h»s the i
cold eitr before byea *«* t..iau&c tu mal
count ty, '•
On Friday night, the 17ib inst. Capt.
Si tier, who has bee?' l«ng knows b>
the ciiiz' ns of New Orb-a ns, as com.
otsnder of a trading vess*| an L-k<- Pont,
chartrain, was, together with bis crew,
frozen to death on hoard l it v-ssei, while
the fjftke Thh cir< umaiaace will
ercite the astcn f'liOH rtPzi-iis. who (iencally have very
iucamet notions respecting the climate
of Louisiana.
JV. 0 Gaz. Jany. 21 st.
Pheasants and Pa fridges. —lt is said
♦but who]* ip|d, in* Pennsylvania
hidy bfis (trewfd vith the bodies of
Partiijg a «biett had perished by the
fcv-rny of ibe weather. Others ob.
by scarcity of food, to feed on
b«rel berries, ic, and having b*-en
caoyhl in traps and brought to market,
*d seriously injured several persons
who ate of them. The facts ate pub*
baed as a caution. [Philadelphia pa pa/•cr
/•cr pa/•cr *
Philadelphia, February 17.
river is>entirely closed from he.
o* New.Casile, and since the 12'b Ja Jabaary,
baary, Jabaary, there has been one continued
rojt. They cut a through the
* nd »be General wide Uamp.
tV 051 e Jersey shore tothe’Navy
*rd, where she now lies, andirom all
a, it will some weeks be.
ih n , **peus. The Ice in
Delaware is neatly three feet thick,
ere has been a vast number of p*r p*rf
fr p*rf ** ecs to dvatb, and lam sorry to
th , * U " tevet *ttem perished in
nl\, lladelphi * P'toon A Business is
,»• l *, al * *tont», and no money to bo »b.
ail. * k ll * wearem hopes, as the spring
•dvaoces, times will certainly mend”
% r Jrad of a latter from a gentleman of
rejpeetabiliry i K New Jersey ,
,*f rs lately visited Cape May , to
Vj££<* memkrr of Congress) in
«°ld weather.
wo water can be seen. Im.
Y***tairi«f Cod fish have been
**P®H th* stores dead—many

thousand waggon lot m *y be got on
the seven mile beat (* few miles
from the point of Cape May, «n the s< a
shore side) and the Due V h “* e suff-red
so much and have beconit ' m impotent,
that a dog will take three t * four Huir.'
dred of a day, but they are eatable,
they are so very poor.'*
auam * ’
By Parliamentary doeumei 'tap.
pears, that England derives fivo millions
of revenue annually, from the \\ T «* f In.
dies, besides four millions expen. h»
British manufactures ; and that the -total
sum received in England from the 1 "Vest
India proprietors aounlly, i« seveot , ** n
millions sterling !—Thus, nearly 10
ships, and 2£\ooo areemp'aytH 1*

""" : —a
13. Bch. Providence, Ward St. Vincent
14. Swift, Hall St. Domingo
Sloop Eliza, Petty St, Vincent
On Thursday, the Brig Blue her , Gru'l/son, for
Antigua ; the Sloop Favourite, Cocktn,f°r Exu*
ma and St. Vincent ; and the Schooner Providences
Word, for S,t, Vincent. To day, the Sch.'*oner
8o(/Y Hall, for St Domingo. Passenger i>t the
Favourite, James Dunshee, Esq.
The Schoouer Rolla of Philadelphia, SamttiS
herds, master, hound to Havana was wrecked on
the 3d. instant on the Reefs of Savinalla, the Crew
xAfv All Persons having Demands
st ike Spanish Ship Amsble
Antonia are requested to render the same
frr iMyiin tit tu the subscribers on or
before Tuesday the 18th, instant.
March 15th.
Public Auctions .
n » ———.....-— ____
On Monday next,
the 17th instant,
at lie Vendue Uouse
at X o'clock.
1 Pipe Brandy
Soap and Candles
2 new Eight D*y Clocks
100 Husiieit Indian Cora
100 Du. Guiuwa Coin
'terms, Cash.
M ircli 15th.
, â– 
On Monday next,
the 17th instant
At tbe Vendue House
At 10 o'Clock,
1 Case Cotton Camhricks, >
Lace shawls and Book musline )
f do. Drab beaveV Hats
1 do. fashionable Straw ditto, *
SO- Barrels Superfine Fl6ur
1© Barrels and half Barrels Irish Pork
SO Boxes Soap and Candles
29 Half Boxes white fc brown Sugar
20 Empty Demijohns
2 pipes and 6 Barrels Teneriffo
At XI o'clock
2 Negro Women
accustomed to House Work
Terms Cash,
March 15th,

Royal gazette

On Ihcsdrtif next ,
the J Bth, insl.*
- at the residence of James Wood , Esquire
. ' at X o'clock
AH bis elegant and fashionable House,
bold Furniture
. Consisting of
Chairs, Srfjjhas
Uininc, Card and Tea Tables
Side Board, Chests Drawers
Boek Case, a pair Globes
Beds and Bedsteads
- Carpets
Pier Glasses, Brackets
Paintings and Engravings
A?i upright Piano Forte
Kitchen Furniture, Bcc.
Horses and Gigs,
A^Y'*!liable Collection of Books.
Ti T ms, Cash <
Jt’L'ri'b 12th.
On Monday
the * 2,l ‘ d »y of May next
_ n
At the' V f,l due House,'
at j £ o’clock
WILL BE <^o.
ly order o f the Admints * r * lora on
the Estate of Thom 's Petty, mass\* r
finer, deceased.
Household & Kitchen
% Negro Girls,
A House and Lot in the Eastern DU.
frict, the late residence of tbe deceased.
TermSy Fash.
March l&hh.
For Sale,
The Subscribers offer for Sale ai Pri.
vale Bargain,
The following desir cable Tracts of Land,
That well known tract, containing
350 Acres of Land, situated to tbe west,
ward of Fort Charlotte, known by the
name of Brown's Point, with all the !m.
provements thereon erected, (the Octa.
gan Frame in the Garden excepted.)
This Tract is inferior to none ib this
Government for any purpose of agricul.
tore ar Grasing farm.
That well known Key, on the South
side of Emma, called Flamingo Kay,
containing about SOO Acres, wall adapt,
ed for the culture of Cotton, Corn or
For both the above Tracts, warranted
Titles will be given to purchasers ; snd
if not disposed of before Monday the 2d
June next, they will on that day besold
at the Vendue House in Nassau, at Pub.
lie Sale.
Mdrch I4th.
To Sail on or before the 15/A Proximo,
the fust sailing coppered Brig
dfj} J.MF.S,
James Ross, master ; foi freight of
Coffee or C<>tton, or for Passage, apply to
the master on board, or
March 15tb.
On Wednesday last the 12th instant,
four negro Men Slaves, named—Jame,
Sam, Primus, and Peter, lately the pro.
pertyof Capt. George Thomas,deceased,
now belonging to James Webster and
the Subscriber. A Rewsrdof one Dollar
each, will be paid on apprehending and
delivering them to the Gaoler.
March 15.

On Monday,
ihe 2#th fner #
at the Vendue House,
At 12 o'Clocks
A House and L«t in Sbtvley Streep
being (be eastern part of a Lot No, 39,
fronting on said Street 105 feet ; bounced
West Co feet on part of said Lot ; Sooth
105 feet on Lot No. 38, aod to the East
(X) feet on Lot No. 47.
Terms Cash ,
March tth.
~r ii ina i i i -
For Sale,
A Lot offend, la the Western DU.
trlct of this Island, lately tbe pr? p. tty
of Mr. Middleton, deceased, situate be.
tween Lota of Mr. Clutsam and Mr. pin.
tard : there is also* Water Lot f n
and is in every respect an eligible place
for erecting bondings. For particular*
apply at the Office of Mr. Mavtit.. Should
the same be not disposed of previous to
the Ist of April, it will then besold at
Public Auction.
March Ist.
~ 1 ' 1 * ""i â–  n >
Board and Lodging,
Children from the out Islands will bo
accommodated with Board and Lodging Lodgingin
in Lodgingin a private and pleasant situation, ad adjacent
jacent adjacent to the New School Room; the
greatestcare will be taken of their morals
persons—for particulars apply at th*
prinu N 5 office.
Feb. 2:? Notice.
The Suhicriberf beg leave t*. in*
form the they intend to open
a School for the reception of Youag
Gentlemen, who may be desirous of
Warning th* Spanish and French Lap*
guages,on moderate tarns ; applications
are reqaesied to ba made to either of th*
subscribe ra.
March 12th.
Last Notice.
All Persons having any demands a.
gainst the Estate of the late John Drirn.
mle, Cabinet Maker, are requested to
send in their accounts, duly attested, for
payment ; and those who are Indebted
to make immediate payment, as the Es.
tat* will b* closed on the 14th of April,
and no accounts will be received after
that date.
N. B. All accounts not settled on that
day will be sued for, without disteti.
on ; and those who say they are in pos.
session of Receipts for account* rendered
them, and delay bringing them forward forwardbefore
before forwardbefore that date, will be liable for the
costa of suit.
AAm. de bonis non .
March 12th.
gmamrn u + , â–  â–  a â–  ' n i â– â–  â– 
A Gold Breast Pin, which isleft-at
the Printing office—the owner may hav*
it on paying for this Notice, aod a res.
sonable gratuity to the person wbo
found it.
March 15th.
rJX: All persons having demands
Valflgagainst the Brig Capt.
Tucker, ar* requested to render tbe
same on or before Tuesday next, other,
wise they will not he paid.
Marcb 15th.
To Let f
The House and Lot at the upper end
of G*org* street, opposite. Mrs.
Tucker’s: for farms apply to,
Feb. 22*t V (

'Thursday 2lff, November 1816.
The order of (he day being moved.
On motion, The House received itself
into a committee of the whole House on
Ilia Excellency the Governor's message
of the 12th instant, and the minutes, and
proceedings of the commissioners of cor correspondence
respondence correspondence with the colonial agent and
accompanying documents, and also an
•xtrjet from the pamphlet entitled, “ A
second letter to W. WHberforce, Esq #
Mr. Speaker left the ebaii;
Mr. Barr took the chair of the com comxnltteo;
xnltteo; comxnltteo;
Mr. Speaker resumed the chair, and
Mr. Barr from the ceaplfiitle*, reported
that they bad come to the following rl.
solution, which they -Telfcdramehded to
h* adopted by the Ihms’’.
Resolved , That if be recommended to
the House, to ajiprtint'* select Committee
to enqaire, and report to the House,
whether any cause does now or has
withiu the last twelve months, or is
likely hereafter to exist, which may ren.
der it necessary to make a lav to pre.
vent illicit importation of Africans into
these islands, and whether it is pro.
b&bie that any of these islands have
at any tim** heretofore been made an eo
.trepot for an illicit traffic in African
slaves from th-** island of Cuba, or any
6ther foreign island,' to Jamaica, or any
other British West India bland and more
particularly whether any such illicit trade
has at any time heretofore, or may pro probably
bably probably hereafter be carried on, from the
island of Cuba to th** island of Rsum*,
and from thence to Jamaica or any other
of the British islands : n the West Indies,*
end also to enquire info, and report to
.the House, the prices a; which creole or
•easoned slaves in Jamaica, and she Bi.
lima laia ids, hav* b en sold for the last
twelve months; and likewise to enquire.
Mid report to the rtous*, wither any
doubts have heretofore exi?s>d is ;o the
legality of importing slaves from these
Islands into ‘he island of Jamaica, aod
how such doubts (it j ) arose. And
further that they shaii have power to
call for persons anc papers, to afford
them evideoce in th- f eoqui.
A«d the said resell- t©-» tniug read a
second time ;
Resolved , That the House do agree
tb the same.
Ordered, that Mr. Kerr, Mr. Wylly,
Mr. Butler, Mr. Rigby, Mr. Dunshee
and Mr. Martin, bs a fer that
• purpose
Resolved, near con. That the thanks
of this House be given to - George
Chaltmrs, Esquire, the Colonial Agent
of these islands, for the eminent services
he has rendered this colony in a success,
fol resistance to a bill lately introduced
. into Parliament, for the registradou es
sUves in tti* British colonies, which, if it
had passed into a law, must have been
ruinous in its consequences, and subver.
•ive of the dearest rights and privileges
of the people of these islands and the West
ladies generally ,• and also for his uni uniform
form uniform and indefatigable exertions in pro promoting
moting promoting the general interests unc welfare
of this colony.
- Ordered , Thtt Mr. Speaker dotrans.
mit to the said George Chalmers, Es.
quire, a-copy of the foregoing resoiuti.
Friday November 22,1815.
Resolved , That it is expedient that
the licencing of public preachers of the
Gospel, not of the established church of
Eagtaod or Scotland, within these is*
lands, and the limes, and places for the
of their ministry, should be re.
gristed by law.
Resolved therefore. That a committee
be appointed td prCpari and bring in a
bill tot hat effect.
Ordered That Mr. Henry Williams
and Mr. Rigby be A committee for that
Tuesday November 26 th, LSI6.
According is order, the House pro*
cfceded to take inlo consideration the
notion, 4t that this House will provide

annually for the payment of a sum of
fire hundred pounds, to the trustees of
the Presbyterian Church in the town of
Nassau, for tha better support and
maintenance of a clergyman of the esta*
blished Church, of Scotland, so long as
such clergyman shall perform divine
seruice in the said Church.”
Resolved , That this House will pro.
! ride annually for the payment of a sum
of five hundred pounds to the trustees of
the Presbyterian Church in the town of
Nassau, for the better support and main,
tenauce of a clergyman of the establish,
ed Church of Scotland, so long as such
clergyman shall perform divine service
in the said church.
According to order, the House pro.
ceeded to take into consideration the
motion, 44 That the commissioners of
public buildings do forthwith provide
proper tables and seats to be used in the
different rooms of the new Court Houso
and that this House will provide a sum
not exceeding two hundred pounds for
the payment thereof.
Resolvedp That the commissioners of
public buildings do forthwith provide
proper tables and seats to be used in the
different rooms of tha Court House, and
that this House will provide a sura not
exceeding two hundred pounds, for the
payment thereof.
Mr. 11. Williams, from the committed
appointed to prepare and bring in a bill
for preventing the profanation of religi.
ous rites* and false worshipping of God,
reported the same, which he read in his
place and delivered in at the table.
{ < Ordered , That the bill be read a first
time accordingly.
Air. Henry Williams, from the com.
] tc’tti e appointed to prepare and bring
j in a bill to regulate ihe Police of the
town of Nassau, aud the suburbs there,
i °f- r« posted the same, which h* r»ad in
j bis pi nee and delivered in at the table'.
Ordered , That tb® bill be read a first
R* ad a first time accordingly.
Resolved , That the following mes mesi
i mesi sage bo sent to his Excellency the Go.
| vernor
“ May U please your Excellency ,
“ The House of Assembly request
; your Excellency wifi be pleased to lay
j before them a copy of any intrusions
y®ur Excellency may have rtoeiv*- His Mujesty’s government, respecting
the toleration of Method st missionaries
and other dissenting preachers of the
Gospel within-these islands.”
i Ordered , That Mr. Henry Williams,
Mr. Mackie, Mr. Banch and Mr. Msl.
j com, be a committee to wait upon hh
I Excellency the Governor wi*h, theafore theaforesaid
said theaforesaid message who, being returned, re.
! porttd the delivery thereof, and that his
Excellency was pleased to sav, he would
pay early attention to the wishes of the
Wednesday , November 27 1816.
The following messages from bis Ex.
cellency the Governor were delivered
by the deputy secretary of (be colony.
44 Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of
the House of Assembly.”
4 ‘ I send for the information of the
House to extract of a letter addressed to
me by Earl Bathurst, dated 31st Julv
“ Government Rouse. 7
27th November, 1816
“ Downrng.Street, 21st July 1816.
( Extract, J
“ 1 commanded by His Royal
Highness the Prince Regent, to instruct
yon to take the earliest opportunity of
ascerta:* ; ng the disposition of the legis.
iature of the islands under your go.
vernment, with respect to provid.
ing for the subsistence of such a
proportion of Uiitisii troaps., not of
colour, as fl»-*y miy deem adequate for
the maintenance of tranquillity in the
** bringing this proposition vnder
their consideration, you will not fad to
represent to them th* necessity, which
His Royal Highness feels himself under,
of reducing, by every possible means, the
military expenditure of the country.
And that although arrangements have
been made for providing daring the pr*.
sett! year at the sole expence of this
country for the garrisons maiottiued in


the colonies, yet thatit wIH m future
years be impossible to maintain ao equal
force, unless same part of the charge be
defrayed by the colonies themselves.”
( Signed, J
To Governor Cameron t ?
&c. &e. Wc» j
44 Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of
the House of Assembly ,
1 44 In answer to your message of the
J 26thinstant, I send, for the information
of the Nonse, a copy of an Instruction
transmitted by his Majesty's Govern Government
ment Government to me, dated the 7th day of June
44 Government House ,)
27 th Nov. 1816.” S
( Signed)
44 GEORGE, R.”
44 Additional liS6tructlon to cur tms tmsty
ty tmsty and well beloved Charles Cameron,
Esquire, our Captain General and Go Governor
vernor Governor in Chief in aud over our Bahama
Islands in America, and of the garrisons
there or that we shall send thither; or,
in his absence,to our lieutenant governor,
or officer administering the government
of our said islands aod garrisons for the
lime being. Given at eorr'Hift as SaifK
James's, the seventeenth day of June
1809, and in the forty ninth year of onr
“ It is our wHI and pleasure, and we
do hereby require and command that
you do not, on aoy pretence whatever,
give your assent to any laws to be pass,
sd concerning Religion, until you shall
have first transmitted onto us, through
one of our principal Secretaries of State,
the draught of such bill or bills, and
shall have received our Reyal pleasure
thereupon, unless you take care in the
passing such bill or bills, that a clause
t> r clauses be inserted therein, suspeud.
ing and deferring the execution thereof
until our will and pleasure shall be
known thereupon.”
44 Charles Cameron Esquire
Additional Instrustinn.” j
(*‘ Signed)
G. R.”
i “ Afr. Speaker and Gentlemen of
\ the Haase of Assembly.”
“ I send for the information of the
House, a copy of a letter addiessd to
me by Kail Bathurst, dated 20th May,
i with the h*pe tint measures may be a.
dopted to enable me to afford the infor information
mation information therein required by his M Government. ”
“ Government House £
2 7th Nov. 1816 " J
“ Downing Street, 20th May, 1816.
“ SIR,
“ In consequence of an addies*
which has been presented to his Royal
Highness the Princo Regent by the
House of Lords, I am commanded te
j signify to yeu his Royal Highness**
pleasure that you do, with as Rule delay
! iS possible, furnish me with a R. port,
, stating how Ear the laws passed for (jie
I abolition of the slave trade nave been ob observed
served observed aqd executed within the colony
under your government ; aod what es.
sects they appear to have produced io
j the general condition of the colony ; and
! especially in the state of iu black pecu peculation.
lation. peculation. v v
“ I B| a also to desire that you will
| transmit to me aa account, shewing the
; increase or d**cr*ase of the number
! es slaves since 1807; their present nun.
ber, aud aa far as the same can 5 e done,
the changes iu their relative proportions
of mates and females, and of adults and
“ I have the honor to be
44 Sir,
** our most obdt. hum, S-rv';,
(Signed) “ BATHURST.'*
“ Governor Cameron.”
See. See. \j)c.
(la be continued.)

Notice. **
The Subscriber being about t>
part and be absent some time fa
place, requests all persons
mands agaiost him to present th* I
for payment; aod all those IsdJS 1 !
him are required to settle ihelt
without delay.
March. 5.
All persons having demand*
estate of Mr. John Taylor, lateof »ul
town, Merrhant, deceased, are rojjl
to render the same, duly auttwoHMul
a!»d those anywise indebtedto th#sß
are hereby required to make
January 4lb.
~ * â–  â– â–  â–  â–  i ..I 4 H
A Negro Man named Davie tj
known about Town (by Trades Muni
A Reward of five Dollars will gj le fl
on hi* being apprehended and
February 22 d.
Will he received at this Office for thß
Royal Gazkttb «f Jamaica. I
Which c-m Im* received here free of I
expenre, once a Month,
The Suhscrl ptlon is 15 Dollars inJ
payable in advance.
Is now published and 'or Sul* t! ihß
Pribiing Office.
- -FriaclO s
Just Published I
And for Sale at this,
For the Year or ovn Lobs. I
• ißi7- I
Dec. 28th.
- i i •-- 4 B
Bonds, .
with submission for At bitri'ff^'i
For sale at this Office.
For Sale at this Ofjic\
t-' 1 The following
Execute din the best manner an
Powers of Ageocy
Manifests of Cargoes
Shipping Articles
Bills of leading
Bills of Exchange
Pilots Certificates
Ditto Bills of Exchange
Leases and Release! I
Arbitration Bonds
Obligation Bonis
Powers of Attorney
Apprentices Indentutai
Bills of Sale
Dhto/or Vesaela
Ditto for Marshals
Militia Warrants _
Ail the necessary
and those use a in (fcl mf***
Pub Uk Often