Soviet-American relations

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Soviet-American relations the détente years, 1969-1972
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Department of State publication ; no. 11438
Keefer, Edward C ( Edward Coltrin ), 1945-
Geyer, David C ( David Curtis )
Selvage, Douglas Eugene
Kissinger, Henry, 1923-
Dobrynin, AnatoliÄ­ Fedorovich, 1919-2010
United States -- Department of State. -- Office of the Historian
Russia (Federation) -- Ministerstvo inostrannykh del. -- Istoriko-dokumental§nyÄ­ departament
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1 online resource (xliii, 1027 pages) : illustrations ;


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Geschichte 1950-2000 ( idszbz )
1969-1974 ( fast )
Detente ( lcsh )
Détente (Politique) ( rvm )
Detente ( fast )
Diplomatic relations ( fast )
Politics and government ( fast )
Relaciones diplomáticas ( local )
Política y gobierno ( qlsp )
Diplomatische Beziehungen ( idszbz )
Foreign relations -- United States -- Soviet Union ( lcsh )
Foreign relations -- Soviet Union -- United States ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- United States -- 1969-1974 ( lcsh )
Relations extérieures -- États-Unis -- URSS ( rvm )
Relations extérieures -- URSS -- États-Unis ( rvm )
Politique et gouvernement -- États-Unis -- 1969-1974 ( rvm )
Soviet Union ( fast )
United States ( fast )
Unión Soviética ( armarc )
Estados Unidos ( qlsp )
USA ( idszbz )
Sowjetunion ( idszbz )
Kissinger, Henry ( idszbz )
Dobrynin, Anatoli F. ( idszbz )
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This joint documentary publication, collected and compiled by historians from both the U.S. Department of State and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provides unprecedented insight into Soviet-American relations during a critical era in the history of the Cold War: the détente years (1969-1972). In Feb. 1969, Henry Kissinger, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, opened a confidential channel with the Soviet Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Dobrynin. During the next 3 1/2 years, the two men met on a regular basis in Washington, both at the White House and at the Soviet Embassy, to discuss important issues of the day, including arms control, Berlin, the Middle East, South Asia, China, and Vietnam. Through this mechanism, President Richard M. Nixon and General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev exchanged ideas and information outside normal diplomatic and bureaucratic channels. The confidential channel also allowed the White House to practice behind-the-scenes diplomacy, thus avoiding interference not only from Congress, but also from the Department of State. Although their methods may have been controversial, the collaboration between Kissinger and Dobrynin helped to reduce tension in the Soviet-American relationship, eventually resulting in agreements on Berlin, SALT, and other issues, and culminating in the Moscow Summit in May 1972. This volume presents a selection of American and Soviet documents on the diplomacy that led to détente between the superpowers. The documents include, in particular, Kissinger and Dobrynin's respective accounts of their conversations in this confidential channel, as well as the official records of the Moscow Summit. Although many of Kissinger's memoranda were declassified in 2002, Dobrynin's reports were, until now, sealed in the Russian archives. In this volume, and its Russian counterpart, these and other important documents are available to researchers for the first time.--Book jacket.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Includes bibliographical references and index
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"Office of the Historian, Bureau of Public Affairs"--Title page verso.
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"Russian Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, History and Records Department"--Page [vi].
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Shipping list no: 2007-0011-S.
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Foreword by Henry A. Kissinger -- Foreword by Anatoly Dobrynin -- I. The confidential channel, 1969-1971 -- 1. "We are entering an era of negotiation": opening the channel, February-December 1969 -- 2. Détente and complication: Vietnam, Middle East, Cuba, January-December 1970 -- 3. "The future of Soviet-US relations is in our hands": SALT, Berlin, Summit, January 1-July 14, 1971 -- 4. Between Beijing and Moscow: the advent of triangular diplomacy, July 15-November 14, 1971 -- 5. "A watershed in our relationship": the war in South Asia, November 15-December 31, 1971 -- II. The Moscow Summit, 1972 -- 6. "We are serious about pursuing détente": Nixon's trip to China and preparations for the Summit, January1-March 29, 1972 -- 7. "What a little country can do to wreck well-laid plans": the North Vietnamese spring offensive, March 30-April 18, 1972 -- 8. Dress rehearsal: Kissinger's secret trip to Moscow, April 19-24, 1972 -- 9. In the balance: Vietnam, Germany, and the Summit, April 25-May 21, 1972 -- 10. Face to face: Nixon and Brezhnev at the Summit, May 22-May 29, 1972.
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supervisory editor, Edward C. Keefer, editors, David C. Geyer, Douglas E. Selvage.

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