UF Libraries Faculty Market Equity Plan Summary and Faculty Salary Structure After Market Equity (2011)


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UF Libraries Faculty Market Equity Plan Summary and Faculty Salary Structure After Market Equity (2011)
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FACULTY MARKET EQUITY PLAN George A. Smathers Libraries For Presentation to the Library Faculty Assembly November 21, 2011 Page 1 [ Key changes highlighted in Yellow ] Basis for Market Equity Planning : Report of the Smathers Libraries Joint Committee on Market Equity Analysis, April 1, 2009 ( www.uflib.ufl.edu/lfa/reports/ MarketEquity Final040109.doc ) o Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Salary Survey is a serviceable external measure ( http://www.arl.org/stats/annualsurveys/salary/sal0910.shtml ) Cited in the Memorandum of Agreement between UF and the UFF as the recommended source for national salary statistics for librarians o ARL US public univ ersity libraries constitute a suitable representation of UFs peer institutions o ARLs nonadministrative job types are the most reasonable basis for external linkage [Table 17] o Applying locally defined compensable factors allows for internal equity Advanc ed degrees held in addition to the MLS, which are applicable to the job assignment, should be compensable A limited number of faculty positions require uncommon skills, such as foreign language fluency, and, as a result, necessitate a salary adjustment to maintain internal and external equity Performance is an important component of an equitable salary structure o Salaries should reflect differences in librarian rank and length of service [Table 26] 12 15 years of service and the rank of Associate UL represent the midpoint of the distribution for each ARL job type Basis for Salary Data : ARL salary survey data from 2009 2010 using the South Atlantic1 regional factor (.94 of national) [Table 25] Individual ARL job types, experience and education levels from data submitted by library faculty and their chairs ASSOCIATE UL Midpoint (South Atlantic) @ 12 15 Years ARL Job Type # of GASL Faculty (n = 77) $55,042 Archivist/Curator 8 $55,855 Cataloger 7 $57,375 Functional Specialist 1 $67,407 Human Resources 1 $62,682 IT, Programmer 0 $61,069 IT, Systems 1 $58,644 IT, Web Developer 0 $57,489 Public Services/Subject Specialist/Reference* 54 $59,553 Preservation 1 $55,396 Technical Services 4 Merged 3 ARL Job Types to reflect the mix of responsibilities for our library faculty Application of Salary Data : Stipends for department chairs and associate chairs excluded from the base salary calculations Midpoint specific to each faculty member based upon o Position specific factors Job Type Language: Adjust up 9% if foreign language required for position o Individual specific compensable factors: Rank: Adjust up or down by 9% for Assistant UL and UL, respec tively Length of Service: Adjust up or down for applicable experience above or below ARL average for applicable rank Advanced Degrees: Adjust up for additional relevant advanced degrees (maximum of $5,000) Performance: Adjust up to retain effect of 2010 m erit increases 1 ARL Universities in the South Atlantic Region: Delaware, Duke, Emory, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, George W ashington, Georgetown, Howard, Johns Hopkins, Maryland, Miami, North Ca r olina, North Ca r olina State, South Carolina, Virginia, Virg inia Tech.


Page 2 Additional Adjustments Related to Performance and Eligibility : Cap all raises at 18 % Cap raises at 9% for faculty with Achieves (or no evaluation) in primary responsibility in either of the past 2 years Exclude faculty with Does Not Meet in any category in either of the past 2 years Does not preclude the ability to apply for individual market equity evaluations (see below) Cost for Implementation of M arket E quity Targets : Full Cost Salary Libraries Cost Salary HSCL $ 23,891 HSCL $ 14,035 UL $245,403 UL $169,822 TOTAL $269,294 TOTAL $183,857 $85,437 of the market equity salaries will be funded by UF through the anticipated 3% Across The Board (ATB) increase provided to faculty eligible for market equity Market equity will be implemented in 3 phases: December 2011 July 2012, and July 2013 Each phase will be one third of projected expense Faculty with pending promotions will be prioritized Faculty appointments resulting from searches will be paid based on the new market equity structure The Provost has approved expenditure of $180,000 in salaries for Library Faculty Market Equity Summary of Market Equity Results (Inclusive of Anticipated 3% Across the Board Increase Funded by UF) : Eligibility for and timing of the 3% ATB will be determined by UF, however, 70 of the 77 library faculty evaluated for market equity raises are expected to be eligible for the 3% ATB in January 2012 After the application of market equity and the 3% ATB, 6 0% of library faculty will be above the midpoint for their Job Type and 40 % will be below the midpoint o Midpoint is based on an ASSOCIATE UL with 12 to 15 years of experience, so an ASSOCIATE UL with 8 years of applicable experience could be below the midpoint, even with merit and significant other compensable factors 41 (5 3%) library faculty will receive ma rket equity raises beyond the 3% ATB (8 library faculty had previously been targeted for ME increases of 3% or less ) 19 (2 5%) library faculty already at or above market equity based on individual compensable factors (combination of high achievers w ho have received merit raise s over time and new hires appointed with the market equity structure in mind) 7 faculty capped at 18% 7 faculty capped at 9% 8 faculty ineligible This plan is not applicable to 5 Assistant and Associate Deans or the Dean of University L ibraries Additional Information : Individual criteria for market equity are fixed until the implementation is completed (no adjustments for additional degrees earned, etc.) After implementation currently ineligible faculty can apply for an individual mar ket equity evaluation following the procedures in the Career Development Handbook once they have cured the deficiency for two consecutive appraisal periods After implementation, other faculty, including those subject to a cap, can apply for an individual m arket equity evaluation following the procedures in the Career Development Handbook Future market equity adjustments will continue to depend on the availability funding This structure will be used to develop salary offers for new faculty Each faculty memb er will receive a letter summarizing the application of market equity to his or her job type and compensable factors as well as documenting the anticipate d change in salary, if any.


x-none Faculty Salary Structure After Market Equity Assistant UL or Assistant IN x-none -1.09 x-none 0 3 years x-none 4 7 years x-none 8 -11 years x-none 12-15 years x-none 16-19 years x-none 20-23 years x-none 24-27 years x-none 28-31 years x-none 32-35 years x-none over 35 years x-none 0.79x-none 0.87x-none 0.88x-none 0.92x-none 0.95x-none 0.99x-none 1.03x-none 1.06x-none 1.10x-none 1.14 x-none Subject Specialist/ Reference/Public Services x-none 45,417x-none 50,016x-none 50,591x-none 52,890x-none 54,615x-none 56,915x-none 59,214x-none 60,939x-none 63,238x-none 65,538 x-none Technical servicesx-none 43,763x-none 48,195x-none 48,749x-none 50,964x-none 52,626x-none 54,842x-none 57,058x-none 58,720x-none 60,936x-none 63,152 x-none Catalogerx-none 44,126x-none 48,594x-none 49,152x-none 51,387x-none 53,062x-none 55,297x-none 57,531x-none 59,206x-none 61,441x-none 63,675 x-none Functional Specialist (no subgroup) x-none 45,326x-none 49,916x-none 50,490x-none 52,785x-none 54,506x-none 56,801x-none 59,096x-none 60,817x-none 63,112x-none 65,407 x-none Archivists/Curatorx-none 43,483x-none 47,886x-none 48,437x-none 50,638x-none 52,289x-none 54,491x-none 56,693x-none 58,344x-none 60,546x-none 62,747 x-none Human Resourcesx-none 53,252x-none 58,644x-none 59,318x-none 62,015x-none 64,037x-none 66,733x-none 69,429x-none 71,452x-none 74,148x-none 76,844 x-none IT, Systemsx-none 48,245x-none 53,130x-none 53,741x-none 56,184x-none 58,016x-none 60,459x-none 62,901x-none 64,733x-none 67,176x-none 69,619 x-none IT, Web Developerx-none 46,329x-none 51,020x-none 51,607x-none 53,953x-none 55,712x-none 58,058x-none 60,404x-none 62,163x-none 64,509x-none 66,854 x-none IT, Programmerx-none 49,519x-none 54,533x-none 55,160x-none 57,668x-none 59,548x-none 62,055x-none 64,563x-none 66,443x-none 68,950x-none 71,458 x-none Preservationx-none 47,047x-none 51,811x-none 52,406x-none 54,789x-none 56,575x-none 58,957x-none 61,339x-none 63,126x-none 65,508x-none 67,890 x-none Associate UL or Associate INx-none MidPoint x-none 8 -11 years x-none 12-15 years x-none 16-19 years x-none 20-23 years x-none 24-27 years x-none 28-31 years x-none 32-35 years x-none over 35 years x-none 0.96x-none 1.00x-none 1.04x-none 1.08x-none 1.12x-none 1.16x-none 1.20x-none 1.24 x-none Subject Specialist/ Reference/Public Services x-none 55,190x-none 57,489x-none 59,789x-none 62,089x-none 64,388x-none 66,688x-none 68,987x-none 71,287 x-none Technical servicesx-none 53,180x-none 55,396x-none 57,612x-none 59,828x-none 62,044x-none 64,259x-none 66,475x-none 68,691 x-none Catalogerx-none 53,621x-none 55,855x-none 58,089x-none 60,324x-none 62,558x-none 64,792x-none 67,026x-none 69,260 x-none Functional Specialist (no subgroup) x-none 55,080x-none 57,375x-none 59,670x-none 61,965x-none 64,260x-none 66,555x-none 68,850x-none 71,145 x-none Archivists/Curatorx-none 52,840x-none 55,042x-none 57,243x-none 59,445x-none 61,647x-none 63,848x-none 66,050x-none 68,252 x-none Human Resourcesx-none 64,711x-none 67,407x-none 70,103x-none 72,800x-none 75,496x-none 78,192x-none 80,889x-none 83,585 x-none IT, Systemsx-none 58,626x-none 61,069x-none 63,512x-none 65,955x-none 68,398x-none 70,840x-none 73,283x-none 75,726 x-none IT, Web Developerx-none 56,298x-none 58,644x-none 60,990x-none 63,336x-none 65,681x-none 68,027x-none 70,373x-none 72,719 x-none IT, Programmerx-none 60,175x-none 62,682x-none 65,189x-none 67,697x-none 70,204x-none 72,711x-none 75,219x-none 77,726 x-none Preservationx-none 57,171x-none 59,553x-none 61,935x-none 64,317x-none 66,699x-none 69,081x-none 71,463x-none 73,845 x-none UL or Sr. Associate IN x-none 1.09 x-none 8 -11 years x-none 12-15 years x-none 16-19 years x-none 20-23 years x-none 24-27 years x-none 28-31 years x-none 32-35 years x-none over 35 years x-none 1.05x-none 1.09x-none 1.13x-none 1.18x-none 1.22x-none 1.26x-none 1.31x-none 1.35 x-none Subject Specialist/ Reference/Public Services x-none 60,364x-none 62,663x-none 64,963x-none 67,838x-none 70,137x-none 72,437x-none 75,311x-none 77,611 x-none Technical servicesx-none 58,166x-none 60,382x-none 62,598x-none 65,367x-none 67,583x-none 69,799x-none 72,569x-none 74,785 x-none Catalogerx-none 58,648x-none 60,882x-none 63,116x-none 65,909x-none 68,143x-none 70,377x-none 73,170x-none 75,404 x-none Functional Specialist (no subgroup) x-none 60,244x-none 62,539x-none 64,834x-none 67,702x-none 69,997x-none 72,292x-none 75,161x-none 77,456 x-none Archivists/Curatorx-none 57,794x-none 59,995x-none 62,197x-none 64,949x-none 67,151x-none 69,352x-none 72,104x-none 74,306 x-none Human Resourcesx-none 70,777x-none 73,474x-none 76,170x-none 79,540x-none 82,237x-none 84,933x-none 88,303x-none 91,000 x-none IT, Systemsx-none 64,123x-none 66,566x-none 69,008x-none 72,062x-none 74,505x-none 76,947x-none 80,001x-none 82,444 x-none IT, Web Developerx-none 61,576x-none 63,922x-none 66,268x-none 69,200x-none 71,546x-none 73,892x-none 76,824x-none 79,170 x-none IT, Programmerx-none 65,816x-none 68,323x-none 70,831x-none 73,965x-none 76,472x-none 78,979x-none 82,114x-none 84,621 x-none Preservationx-none 62,530x-none 64,912x-none 67,295x-none 70,272x-none 72,654x-none 75,036x-none 78,014x-none 80,396